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Customs compliance

Tollkonsult started in May 2003, and can now celebrate 12 years in business. And what a journey! In 2003 hardly anyone spoke about Customs compliance. Today issues concerning import and export regulations and procedures are topics well addressed in many companies, in Norway as well as world wide. It is, of course, about money, but it is also about the fact that companies trading goods with other countries need knowledge about international and national Customs and trade regulations in order to plan for an efficient and cost effective supply chain. Well, of course, in the end this is about money as well.

Classification of goods determines duty rate, excise duty as well as restrictions, if any. The Rules of Origin in the Free Trade Agreements is another topic. And which part, the seller or the buyer, is responsible for what? Not taking these elements into account when calculating the price of your product, and hence your profits, may give you a lesson that will hurt a bit, financially at least. My advice is that your company lift Customs issues into the boardroom and decide on a strategy for Customs compliance. Customs compliance experts are available in most countries, and can be of good value in this work. Good luck in your compliance work!  


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